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Consumer’s are experiencing and becoming more informed that both sea salt and table salt contain about 40% sodium. However, because sea salts are naturally designed with larger crystals and thus, has a stronger taste, using less sea salt is better for our body’s. Sodium is an attribute, needed by our body’s because it fights bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Natural sea salt is a result of evaporating seawater, without going through a processed procedure. It also contains the exact trace amounts of magnesium, potassium, calcium, and other minerals, which the human body needs.


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Meanwhile, table salt is processed, which strips its natural structure from many of these minerals, while additives, like aluminum compounds, are added to prevent it’s crystals from lumping together. Sea salt also contains trace amounts of iodine, far less than refined table salt. Additional amounts of iodine have always been added to salt mined from nature’s salt deposits, because of the iodine deficiency disease of the 1920’s.  The benefits of natural sea salt, are many. Most proven studies, include:


  • helps to prevent weight gain

  • strengthens the body’s immune system

  • no side effects, even when taken in its organic state

  • reduces inflammation in the respiratory system

  • diabetics can use sea salt

  • reduces high blood pressure

  • regulates irregular heart beats

  • potassium minerals in sea salt help to prevent muscle spasms and cramps

  • stabilizes the hormones serotonin and melatonin to treat depression

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Gourmet Sea Salts

Sea salt is a popular gourmet choice because of its amazing, varied uses in the seas and oceans around the world. Many naturally gourmet sea salts are available from the following countries:

Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea Salt is from Israel and is the most perfect organic form of sea salt in the world. It is not only used for cooking but to treat many ailments.

Red Salt

Hawaiian Red Salt is great for grilling and roasting. Its natural color is red from its safe iron oxide content. Bolivian Rose Sea Salt is mined from the Andes Mountains. It is rosy orange in color and chefs love using it in salads, sauces, and meat dishes. New Zealand Sea Salt is on every table in New Zealand as their table salt. El Salvador Sea Salt are harvested from its mangrove sanctuaries and is used in meat, soups and salad dishes.

Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt also known as Pink Salt is harvested from the Himalayan Mountains. It is the finest and purest in the world. Mediterranean Sea Salt is mined for its perfect taste in chef inspired European dishes. Spanish Sea Salt is from Spain with its health benefits affecting the human body, on a cellular level, in addition to its great taste in many Spanish dishes.

French Sea Salt

French Sea Salt is grey in color, with a light, fine buttery taste.   Gourmet cooking is further heightened with sea salt enhancements, that encompass smoked, Szechuan pepper, curry, Espresso (used to lessen the strength of European coffees) , Chipotle, smokehouse, coconut, lime, roasted garlic, and lemon twist, which is great in seafood dishes.   Other benefits from using sea salt is its healing, restorative and rejuvenating properties for our skin. The best way to use sea salt is to enjoy it in a nice warm soaking bath. Sufferers of psoriasis and eczema have experienced improvement by bathing regularly in sea salt. Health spas enjoy the results achieved by their client’s in exfoliation, toning, moisturizing texture, detoxing, and softening of the skin. Not only can you purchase cosmetic sea salt products, but it is also very easy to prepare a DIY infusion.   Sea salt is used by food manufacturers around the world. Some food products that contain sea salt products, are mayonnaise, margarine, kettle cooked potato chips, pet foods, chocolates, pickled vegetables, seasonings, canned vegetables, meats, cheeses, pre-packaged meals, nuts, cereals, and soups. Additional cosmetic uses involve shampoos, soaps, facial cleansers, and conditioners. From ancient history to today’s advanced technology, the simple, clean and refined use of our ocean’s salt has not changed. It is here to stay, as long as we take care of our seas and oceans. Whether using it for cooking, cosmetic uses, medical or cosmetic enhancements, and more, sea salt gives consumers, around the globe, quality, natural results.

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