Sea Salts The Secret of Health, Beauty, And Long Life


When people think of salt, they think of food and taste. You might be surprised to know it is also used in slimming and beauty aids as well as in many health spas for health and detoxing poisons from your system. The end result is your have more energy and your skin can regain its youth, health and beauty. In this article we will look at some of the ways Sea Salts can help you become more beautiful and healthy as well.


After you are done reading this article, you will be more knowledgeable on the subject and some of the ways it can make you more attractive and bring back your skin’s luster and youth.


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Sea Salt 

removes fat

Today obesity is like a plague in our society and when you go shopping today you see it all around you especially if you go to the big chain MegaMarts.


Sea Salts have the same chemical makeup as your body and applying it to problem areas reduces the fat in these areas markedly. Why is not yet clear to researchers, but the results are visible in a few days.


So, seeing is believing. Sea Salts are easily absorbed by your skin’s cells and enter the body where they help dissolve and flush away toxins as well as fat. This helps your skin regain its health, glow, and elasticity.

Sea Salt 

clean your skin and unblock your pores

Salt from the Dead Sea is being used to in combination with Almond oil to scrub your skin and remove old and dead skin cells, while the almond oil replaces lost nutrients and vitamins that make your ski come alive.


You can use them both together or when draw your bath your bath you can add the sea salts directly to the bathwater that is absorbed through your pores and revitalizes you from head to toe and restores the natural balance in your body.


Our bodies are over 70% salt water and it has been shown that the classer you are to having the same salinity content as seawater. The healthier you become and the softer your skin. You don’t really need the sea salts from only region of the earth, any of the sea salts found worldwide are capable of helping clean your skin and make it shine with new life.

Sea Salt 

promote good health and long life

It is recommended that a person take 500mg of salt a day to maintain their health. That is not the only benefit your can receive by ingesting a little salt each day. Trace elements are becoming scarce in our soil as we continue to use artificial fertilizers to increase crop yields. However, many note that we are becoming less healthily even though we live in a land of plenty.


This is a result of this lack of trace element in our diet. 84 of these vital elements are found in Sea Salt from the Himalayas, which is also the source of the famous Hunza Water that has be shown to contain many of the trace elements we are missing nowadays. It has been theorized this is the reason why the Hunza people have extended life spans and vigorously good health.


In fact, you can find recipes to make your own Hunza water in your home by obtaining Himalayan Rock Salt and energizing it with a salt lamp that uses negative ions. This combination replicates the action of water flowing over salt beds under the unfiltered sun of the high mountains that imbue the water with Chi, Qi, or Prana. The life force that the Hunza people claim is the true secret of their water.


Drinking this water on a regular basis can reverse the toxic effects of modern urban living, make you look, and feel younger as well.


This one application of Sea Salts may be the answer to many of the health problems today. As One Linus Pauly once said that, “most diseases can be traced back to poor nutrition.”



Today, we have looked at how Sea Salts that are found worldwide can help us lose fat and slim down. They can be used as a skin defoliant and cleaner that also restores our natural balance with nature.


Sea Salt when taken daily restores vital trace element that our modern diets are lacking and may be one of the major causes of Ill health today.

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