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Sea Salt Soaks For Nose Piercing

Sea salt soaks for nose piercing are a simple method of protecting your new nose piercing from anything that might be painful or cause irritation. It is a very natural way to pierce a new piercing and is also the most recommended for new piercings.

Soaking your skin in sea salt, if done properly, can make the skin stronger and safer. The sea salt will seal the skin from infections and helps in the formation of a protective covering. Sea salt soaks for nose piercing is best done in the morning after your piercing surgery or one hour before your piercing.

Another reason why sea salt soaks for nose piercing is because the sea salt acts as a sort of post-surgical lubricant. Saltwater promotes healing as it kills bacteria and nourishes the piercing after it has healed.

Sea salts worldwide have also been known to control bleeding and aid in reducing pain after surgery. It is generally considered safe and may help reduce the amount of pain felt after the surgery. It is also believed to aid in healing and may lessen swelling.

The blood vessels tend to shrink after the procedure and they are more protected by the salt. With any surgery, there is an amount of discomfort and the result of which may be permanent scarring. Salt soaks for nose piercing help prevent this and also help to seal the opening.

To make this method a little easier to follow, the water used to rinse the salt off your skin should always be cold and sterile. An algaecide will not work with a sea salt rinse. It would be too harsh on the skin and would not prevent infection.

You will want to start your sea salt soaks for nose piercing thirty minutes after you went under the knife. By starting at this time, you will not have to wait for the salt to dry and become completely absorbed by the skin. This will help to avoid splashing and water ingress after the procedure.

Make sure that the area where you will be rubbing the salted water is cool and dry. Never use rubbing alcohol because it is too harsh and could cause infection. Also, always wear cotton clothes for your treatment because they are more absorbent and able to absorb the salt from the salted water.

In order to do this treatment, use a cotton ball to rub the salty water into the area. Using a Q-tip and a soft gauze pad is OK to help the treatment but make sure the pad is sterile and does not get wet. Remember to apply enough soaks for the first few times so the skin will not be irritated.

During your session, make sure to leave the area clean and free of bacteria because the salt is going to open up the wound and cause it to heal quicker. Most people recommend about two to three applications of the salt treatments and then finish with moisturizer to help promote healing. This allows for faster healing.

When using the sea salt, remember that the wound may be very red and swollen. Some may see that as a good sign and will continue to do the treatment. Others may find it as a sign that they should stop the treatment as it could cause infection.

Follow the directions of the manufacturer to avoid infection and you may have your sea salt soaks for nose piercing ready within an hour. It is important to do it right the first time, but many people will find that the results are worth the effort. Preparation is everything when it comes to this type of piercing.

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