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Myths About Mineral Salts For Health

As I have read other peoples experiences with mineral salts for health, I have come to the conclusion that what I have read is far from the truth. In my opinion there are many types of salts and each one has unique benefits. I will also tell you the most common myths associated with these salts for health that is widely believed.

The first myth about salts for health is that they can cause hair loss. This is not true. In fact, many have commented on the fact that the hair loss they have been experiencing has ceased with the use of such minerals. Some claims of hair loss due to such salts may occur with some individuals.

Some individuals have also reported that they were frequently hair fall when using salts for health. Although this is not so, many have commented that this has decreased with the use of these salts. Some even report having lost as much as 100 hairs a day or more with the use of such salts.

It has been said that some of the salt forms cause dryness in the skin. Such problems may occur but it is not very common. Other than that myth there is no real reason for why salts should cause such problems.

Many claims of weight loss are also believed by those who use these salts worldwide. Again there is no truth behind it. In reality most people have gained weight when using such salts.

Even when one does experience such a loss, it is only a physical aspect of the reduction of fat. There is nothing that would cause it to be a salt-related problem. The overall weight loss is based upon a different factor.

Another important myth is that once such salts for health are used they no longer have any effect. Nothing could be further from the truth. The power of minerals remain the same when they are used consistently over time.

These salts for health, no matter which salt form they are, when used consistently will reduce cholesterol. Blood levels are measured to ensure that they stay at acceptable levels. Many have reported that their blood cholesterol levels have been lowered after many years of consistent use.

Another popular myth about mineral salts for health is that they cause dryness in the skin. It has been said that using such salts causes flaking and itchiness but nothing like the skin being dry. Nothing that should cause such a problem occurred.

I have even heard of one case where such mineral salts for health was advised to be stopped when it caused pain during bowel movements. As you can see such a claim is completely false. A bowel movement is not possible in a persons body after such use of such minerals.

This is due to the fact that the salt form that is being used is too large to pass through the body. Such a salt form may cause someone to have bowel incontinence but this is not something that will happen unless the body is under extreme pressure. It would be hard to imagine such a situation.

The truth is that many of the myths surrounding such minerals are based upon unproven information. There are many mineral salts for health that will not cause such problems. The only reason I have listed some of the common myths about salts for health is because they are the most popular.

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