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Your Low Sodium Heart Healthy Diet

Finding the low sodium heart healthy diet thats right for you may not be as easy as you think. One of the most important things you need to consider is which salts worldwide the health food stores offer for purchase.

The market for these supplements can be quite confusing. With so many products out there, it can be difficult to figure out which one is really the best for you. So, lets take a look at some of the best salts worldwide.

When you hear about Kashmiri Sea Salt, it can be difficult to distinguish between it and the normal table salt found in your kitchen. Youll find the lower sodium variety on grocery store shelves. However, if youre looking for something a little higher on the scale, youll want to get Himalayan Pink Salt.

This brand of salt comes from the Himalayas. You may recognize this salt because it has been used for centuries in Eastern medicine for conditions such as eczema and toothaches.

For better results, buy the highest quality white sea salt that you can find. A level two or higher with a Himalayan Pink Salt certification will have more nutritional value than a level one salt thats found in your local health food store.

It also has less sodium than the brown or green sea salt. You may be tempted to just use plain old table salt instead. But you should keep in mind that table salt actually contains more sodium than the Himalayan pink salt.

Also, make sure that the salt has less iodine content. Not only is iodine a known factor in thyroid disease, but it also can cause other health problems such as rickets and hyperthyroidism. Other important factors include sodium chloride, which make up most of the volume of the salt, and sodium bicarbonate, which help stabilize the pH of the water or saline. If you read the labels of the foods that are included in your salt supplement, youll find that some companies like Himalayan Pink Salt actually omit these two ingredients.

Dont be fooled by the label, either. You want salt that is very high in sodium and very low in potassium. This will help keep your blood pressure stable, your heart healthy, and you weight in check.

Of course, you have to make sure that the salt is legal where you live. In some areas, simply using salt harvested from your own backyard will not cut it.

Other types of salt, like salt from the sea or from a different part of the world like wild salt, are far better for you than table salt. So it makes sense to look for these types of salts wherever you live.

Even if your current sodium intake may be ideal, you can still enjoy a healthy low sodium heart healthy diet. Consider some of the Himalayan salt varieties and give them a try.

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