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Best Uses For Kosher Sea Salt

Kosher Sea Salt can really make a difference when it comes to cooking and baking, which is why you need to learn how to use it properly. When used in moderation, kosher salt will be just fine for baking or for cooking. But if you are expecting miracles from this salt, you are going to be disappointed.

First, consider this: When you buy kosher salt, you are buying at least one pound of salt. The most popular salt contains around sixty-five milligrams per pound. In comparison, sea salt has about thirty-five milligrams per pound. (The reason sea salt is a bit more expensive is because the sea water is usually much saltier than that of land water.)

There is one thing that all salts are made of: sodium chloride. Kosher sea salt is very inexpensive, and its really quite good for baking products. It can actually be better than table salt, though it can be used more sparingly. Its only available through the Internet, so if youre ordering online, you can expect some extras, such as fine sea salt crystals.

If you have never heard of sea salt before, you should check out some reviews. Some people have a preference for this type of salt over other salts, but there are many recipes out there that use it. Ive never used it in any of my baking recipes, but I have used it in countless soups and stews.

One of my favorite soups to serve with salted popcorn is Fish Cake Soup. I usually double the recipe and freeze the leftovers for future meals. (Just imagine how great a few cups of soup in the refrigerator would be for that afternoon snack!)

Other soups and fish cakes can be found online at recipes, but I highly recommend making your own homemade fish cakes. You can easily substitute cornstarch for flour and make your dish taste just like the restaurants.

Sea salt will not dissolve in batter; therefore, its an essential ingredient for homemade or store-bought breads. Before you attempt to bake with sea salt, make sure the recipe you are using specifies that it can only be used in batters. I have always been a proponent of baked goods made with cornstarch instead of flour. Cornstarch melts into the batter and then holds the bread together.

Sea salt also works wonderfully in stews. Add a teaspoonful of sea salt to any soup recipe and youll find yourself taking the ingredients straight from the kitchen sink. Remember to stir the sea salt every five minutes to avoid having some get lost in the meat. Make sure that the pot is small enough for you to fit the ingredients comfortably.

Halal salt is a better choice for cooking. It has a very fine granular texture that will blend well with almost any recipe. Of course, kosher salt will work, but youll want to add a bit more table salt to compensate. It may take a bit more time, but you will be rewarded with a tender and flavorful meal.

Baking with sea salt is much different than baking with table salt. You will need to do something to keep the salt from sticking to the pan. In this case, you should use a spatula or offset spatula to separate the salt from the top of the pan.

In baking, you may need to add a little flour if you want the bread to stick to the pan. This will keep the salt from burning. Since salt is one of the most versatile cooking ingredients, you might as well mix it up.

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