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When I was a little girl I used to get excited when one of my cousins came home with a package from Dead Sea salt. I would watch her eyes grow big as she recognized this mineral that had been so important to her since she was a baby. She would open the package and drool all over her cute little face as she tried to locate all the small bottles that were sprinkled with crystals. Of course, as an adult I could hardly contain my own excitement at such a marvelous discovery. As I watched her enthusiasm I began to understand how many others have felt the same way.

dead sea salt bath salt from walmart

As I continued to watch her fascination, I realized that she was likely building her own collection. And, as we grew older, she kept building on that collection. And I suppose that I should be thankful for that. Today, her own collection of Dead Sea bath salt is comprised of more than a dozen different types.

The very first time I heard about Dead Sea salt bath salt was while surfing on the Internet. A search returned a number of websites that had articles written by those who had actually gone there. At one point in time it was listed as one of the most popular types of salt available. There are many types of salts produced from this beautiful mineral, but most are used for their medicinal properties. And, the best thing about these bath products is that the Dead Sea salt is recognized around the world for its health benefits.

In the past few years, as the popularity of the Dead Sea salt bath products has grown, other companies have attempted to cash in on the popularity. One company offers an almost unbelievably complex array of massage products using Dead Sea salt as a base. And they claim that using their products will help stimulate the circulation of blood. They also claim that their products are beneficial for your skin. So, you can see that this type of product is pretty popular.

And, one place that you might not expect to find these types of products is at your local WalMart. Although the store does carry bath and body care items, it does not carry any salt. I asked the associate in my local WalMart if they knew where you could buy salt, and she told me they did not. She referred me to the local bath and body shop down the street.

I was pretty excited when I found out that there was an alternative way to purchase Dead Sea salt from walmart. Of course, I still wanted to check out the other items that the bath and body shop sold, including their line of bath salt and other skin care products. What I really enjoyed was looking through some of the different brands of bath salts that the shop sold. There were a lot of different options to choose from.

I decided to order several bottles of bath salt from walmart in order to sample them all. Since I was a little bit apprehensive in my initial decision to use dead sea salt bath products, I was eager to try out different brands so that I could find which one I personally liked best. I was able to find several different brands and was even able to order a free trial bottle of bath salt from walmart. This gave me the opportunity to try out different sea salt brands and to discover which one my family and I felt was our favorite.

The Dead Sea bath salt from Walmart was my favorite. I highly recommend trying some dead sea products yourself. Your health will thank you for it. And, Walmart will probably like your new bath salt.

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