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So what is the truth about truffles? The common misconception is that a single truffle contains just one seed which comes from a specific fungus or animal.

The truth is that they are part of a plant, and in fact they are a kind of flower. It is considered by many to be a delicacy and an art to get hold of one and grow them, and then to harvest the seeds for sale. In fact the seeds are used to make vinegar as well as the final product.

Truffles come from various places in the world and are sometimes grown in secret locations. Most often they are grown in Italy, France, Russia, Turkey, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Sweden, and New Zealand.

The place from where a truffle originates determines the different sizes and types of truffles. To put it simply, the larger the individual fungus the more valuable the truffle will be. Where ever you get a truffle, you can assume that the process by which they were grown is the same.

The cost is determined by the size and strength of the whole salted truffle, it can be as big as 3lbs and as small as one-sixteenth of an inch, and it is only by knowing this that we can try to obtain the best quality. The first thing to do is to get the salt which will then go into the process of drying it, like any other chocolates. The next step is to put the seeds and other parts of the fungus into a plastic bag and give it to the freezer for a week.

Once the salt has had enough time to absorb all the moisture then it is to be dried out by the help of a fan. This is a delicate process and should be carried out carefully, if you do not want to damage the truffle itself. As soon as the salt has had time to dry out then it is to be sieved and ground to a fine powder. Then it can be mixed with salt and left to dry.

Since so many different countries are involved in the production of these salts worldwide then there are different processes for drying and mixing, and each one has its own characteristics. The powder can be used in making pickles, soups, and even chocolate.

Of course there are a number of specialty firms which produce these salts worldwide, and also they are just as well known in one country as they are in another. They usually have certain experts who know where to find the most rare and valuable ones, and so the products become more sought after.

Most often when you go to buy these products the prices are higher than those which are common, and also they can be quite expensive. However there are specialist shops on which you can buy these, and most often you will find prices that are well within your budget.

If you are trying to buy truffles and salt you should always think of your budget before bidding and also remember that the seller has to get the best price. If you are sure of your capacity to pay for them then you should bid for them, but if you are not sure and feel that you might not get the item, then you should stay away from them.

One last thing to say about these products is that they are very hard to come by, so to get one you have to go to Italy or France, and it will cost you very high. So it is just as well that you know the best place from where to get them and where to buy them, or else you will be disappointed.

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