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Himalayan Salt – Health Benefits

In the Himalayas, both Hindus and Buddhists used smoked Himalayan salt for several centuries. These two cultures had different beliefs about healing. But their interest in the properties of Himalayan salt went far beyond the health benefits it offered. They used it to provide warmth and the illusion of instant warmth to travelers and pilgrims.

The use of smoked Himalayan salt to treat fever was reported by the Megalithic History. It was thought that the salt provided a cooling effect that eased the symptoms of fevers. Scientific research supported this belief.

Today, large stores of the salt are sold throughout the world. As soon as it is processed and heated, it becomes pinkish white in color and easy to mix with other salts and herbs. Salts Worldwide, a company based in New Zealand, produces both powdered and liquid forms of Himalayan salt for people to buy at home.

Himalayan salt has many medicinal properties. For example, inhaling the powder can be very relaxing. A vaporizer device that emits a fine mist of the powder can relieve sore throats and coughs.

Further, taking small amounts of salt with meals can help improve digestion. Himalayan salt also has a soothing effect on the skin, especially the face.

Salt of the Himalayan variety is the only one that has a unique taste and aroma. It is also easy to take because there is no solubility.

To take Himalayan salt, simply place a teaspoonful in a glass of hot water. Then, add a few drops of essential oil or aromatherapy or Castor oil.

Himalayan salt is not to be taken alone. Some people use it with cinnamon and honey, which can enhance the fragrance and color of the drink.

When you travel in the Himalayas, try to bring along a bottle of filtered or purified water. You will need it to wash your feet and to cool off when you get off the plane.

Since Himalayan salt contains a great deal of sodium, it is not ideal for diabetics or those with kidney problems. Its high mineral content makes it a rich source of iron, which will make it very hard for the body to absorb iron-rich foods.

Also, try to avoid taking any tablets made from turmeric, cinnamon, or ginger unless they have been cleared by a doctor. Take care to drink lots of water, as too much salt can put an additional strain on the kidneys. However, Himalayan salt is very healthy, cheap, and convenient.

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