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Salt Crystal Lights – Luxury Or Elegance?

Salt crystal lights are some of the most unique lighting options available today. Their ability to emit light without emitting heat or other forms of unwanted air makes them ideal for any kind of wall environment. The perfect combination of pure light and color, salt crystals also lend themselves to many decorative options.

What makes salt crystals so unique is their ability to refract and focus light. That is why they work so well in hanging lighting fixtures. Since their refraction capabilities allow them to focus light onto a small area and then transfer that light to a larger area, they make great accent lighting.

Some of the best salt crystals you can find are the ones that have a capping layer on them. The capping layer allows the crystals to absorb all the available light and then it is refracted into smaller areas until its absorbed completely. This gives the salt crystal its unique refraction properties.

But there are other varieties of salt crystals. Youll also see the multi-layer crystal, where the salt crystals are arranged in multiple layers. The multi-layer salt crystal can be thinner than a penny and yet will not seem to absorb light at all. This is because its layers are much smaller than those of the more common salt crystal.

In fact, most salt crystals are multi-layer. They are cut up and then formed by heating a liquid solution. When the layers of salt are heated, the crystals tend to settle at the edges and are then cooled before being formed.

One thing you will notice when viewing the different salt crystals is the variations in color. Each one is cut in a way that highlights the crystals unique properties and refraction qualities. While some are yellowish or brownish, others are white, blue, green, red, orange, pink, purple and a whole host of other colors.

Because of this variation in color, each variety of salt crystal has a different impact on the wall. For example, one of the more common salt crystals is the red salt crystal.

These are the red salts that come in numerous colors, but the reddish hue is especially popular among lighting fixtures. That means the light emitted by these crystals can vary in intensity so that each one can enhance the rooms particular mood.

If youre decorating a room that receives a lot of direct sunlight, look for a salt crystal that can be used as a part of the ceiling. They are great for decorating places where you dont want to paint, but want a little bit of extra light that the sun cant reach.

The design of salt crystals can be just as interesting. They can be simple or elaborate, depending on how complex the crystals are made up of.

All salt crystals have the same basic properties, but the designs and colorations can vary greatly. So just because you choose a particular salt crystal for your lighting doesnt mean that you wont enjoy the many colors that can be produced.

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