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Are You Using Rock Salt For Hair As a Hair Product?

Rock salt for hair used to be the most popular form of shampoo in the US. Its pretty simple, but unfortunately, its effective!

Over a period of several years, there were several reports of hair loss and excessive dryness being caused by using rock salt. Well, it turns out that a man named Mark David Lopez developed this product. He was a researcher at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

It is not intended to be used on humans, but since he tested on laboratory animals, Salts Worldwide was selling it under the guise of a product called Calpol. His experiment showed that it caused a tumor in the organ that cleanses the pores of the scalp.

If youre a little more careful about where you buy your rock salt for hair, youll find that the Salts Worldwide brand is still around. Its been reformulated. But even though they are still available, you cant buy them at most stores.

So, do you have to use Salts Worldwide? Not necessarily. You might consider trying something different.

Natural shampoo products contain naturally occurring oils, such as castor oil, which is the same thing that is found in sea salt shampoos. Other natural ingredients include jojoba, coconut, lavender, and tea tree oil.

The problem with using commercial shampoos is that the manufacture uses various amounts of mineral oil, which is made from petroleum. Mineral oil is what makes certain kinds of shampoo sticky, which is why its not recommended for people with sensitive skin.

For people whodont like the idea of ingesting mineral oil, there are alternatives to using rock salt for hair. Shea butter shampoo may be a better choice, since it is free of additives and animal testing.

Whatever you choose, youll want to be sure that the shampoo you use is made of pure, unadulterated natural ingredients. You also want to make sure that you dont subject your hair to chemical processing like bleaching, lye, or extraction in a de-ionized water solution.

So what kind of shampoo should you use on your hair? Just try to look for shampoos that have natural oils or extracts instead of synthetic preservatives.

If you dont have an extremely oily scalp, then you may want to steer clear of some of the hair products that have selenium in them. Selenium has been known to cause allergic reactions in some people.

On the other hand, natural shampoos that use essential oils are just as good as a rock salt for hair. With careful planning, you can find safe shampoos that will leave your hair feeling healthy and full of life.

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