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Himalayan Salt – A Natural Source of Health

Why is Non Iodized Himalayan Salt better than regular table salt? This article discusses the health benefits of Himalayan salt.

The name suggests salt from the Himalayas, but it is not Himalayan rock salt that comes from the region. Rather, it is the Non-Iodized Himalayan Salt (NHS) that comes from the Himalayas. Unlike regular table salt, NHS is created with the purest natural ingredients.

Salt has been a topic of much debate. Some suggest that salt is necessary to maintain proper health and therefore recommend the use of sea salt or even the natural table salt found in many homes. Others assert that salt, even sea salt, has no nutritional value.

The problem with salt is that it lowers the bloods pH. This in turn changes the ionic composition of the blood, which in turn alters the bodys ability to remove toxins. These toxins then tend to build up and become trapped in the bloodstream.

Salt consumption lowers the bodies alkaline level. An alkaline blood stream reduces the amount of free radicals in the body and increases the bodies ability to absorb vitamins and minerals. It also decreases the risk of heart disease and other diseases.

Salt tends to dilute the effects of acids by forming them into smaller molecules. It does this as a result of the inclusion of iodine. Other than the limited iodine content in NHS, salt does not contain any other additives that would dilute the effect of acid.

Salt also acts as a deodorizer. While one might think that it would be an effective way to kill odors, itactually contributes to the creation of more odors. As water molecules bond with salt, they create tiny molecules known as sulphates. As these sulphates come into contact with air, they react with it to form volatile sulfur compounds.

Once these compounds are released, they travel throughout the body and can irritate and damage the neurological, nervous, circulatory, respiratory and even bodily systems. These so-called sulphate particles can make people extremely ill and contribute to the onset of asthma, bronchitis, ear infections, heart problems and much more.

Nowadays, NHS has become available in several forms: sea salt, meadow salt, beach salt, and Himalayan salt. Because the NHS is produced from natural ingredients, it does not contain any iodine.

Sea salt is a combination of iodine and calcium. It has many of the same properties as regular table salt. It has the ability to lower the bloods pH and lowers the amount of free radicals.

If you choose to use sea salt for cooking, it may be helpful to add some baking soda to the salt. The sodium that you get from the salt can be too much for the digestive system, which in turn produces too much salt. Thus, the balance of the bodys electrolytes may be upset.

Bear in mind that not all salts from the Himalayas are the same. Before purchasing NHS, you should be aware of the differences between types of salt.

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