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A must try in Pink Namak, Bhumidra is a famous street vendor in Bhumidra selling snacks like marinated shrimp, chicken curry, bhel puri and mutton kebabs. Pink Namak’s all prices are inclusive of all applicable service charges, local taxes and local duties. You will also get your favorite snack in pink naan bread, which has a delicious flavor. The all price packages consist of meals and snacks only.

Namak Deewana Dhole Paty is famous among the locals and visitors alike in Pink Namak and around the state. It is located on the road from Magadh to Thiruvananthapuram and hence takes about 40 minutes. The restaurant is very popular and is known for its mouth-watering seafood. The all prices are inclusive of taxes and local duties. The sea food is served with a spicy coconut sauce which is fragrant and tasty.

Namak Deewana Dhole Paty is located near Thriuvananthapuram and serves lunch every day starting at noon. You can order a variety of Namak dishes like mutton kebabs, chicken curry, vegetarian prawns, fried calamari, beef fry and chicken kebabs. All the above mentioned dishes are served with a tamarind sauce. All the dishes are served with a tamarind sauce. tamarind is a special recipe of Kerala that has a very unique taste.

Namak’s all-you-can-eat buffet is known as ‘Chutney’. Namak has several kinds of ‘Chutney’ available. The best chutneys include the pink chutney, black chutney, red chutney and green chutney. There are also chicken and mutton kebabs. All the above are served with the traditional tamarind sauce.

The Namak Chutney is prepared by combining coconut meat, fresh vegetables and fried herbs and spices. The green chutney has a tangy taste with coconut and green vegetables. The red chutney has an intense flavor of spices and coconut. Black chutney is rich in flavor and has a slightly bitter taste. The tamarind sauce is thickened with tamarind.

Namak Golden Coconut is one of the famous sweets of Kerala that are extremely popular all over the world. The Namak Golden Coconut is extremely popular amongst local and tourists. The pink, golden and buttery flavored coconut cakes or chutney are very popular with everyone. The best way to enjoy these delicious and scrumptious snacks is with a glass of sweet coconut chutney, which is flavoured with tamarind, cinnamon and a dab of butter.

If you are looking for a wonderful sumptuous cuisine, the Namak restaurant in Trivandrum is perfect for you. The famous restaurants of Trivandrum include Namak Paradiso and Namak Restaurant. The all inclusive restaurants of Trivandrum include Namaste restaurant and Nanduumallam restaurant. All these restaurants serve delicious and scrumptious sea foods that are made using traditional and authentic ingredients.

The tamarind-spiked Naan bread is the main ingredient of the tamarind chicken and is cooked in a special style. The tangy tamarind sauce that is poured on the chicken is extremely spicy and this gives it the unique taste. A famous dessert is the Pink Namak which is prepared using a combination of tamarind sauce and butter. Pink Namak is a relatively new dish and has become very popular since it was introduced a few years ago. This delicious dessert can be prepared using a variety of recipes and is one of the must try dishes of Trivandrum.

Another famous dish in Trivandrum is the Thali, which translates to “rice ball”. This dish is made from flour, clarified and seasoned with coconut oil, sugar and black pepper. The Thali is served with a salty golden crunchy sweet coating and is best when eaten with steamed rice. The all time favorite of Trivandrum residents and tourists alike is the Cheesecake, which is a traditional Indian dessert consisting of mashed up cheese, eggs and fresh fruits.

One other famous delicacy of Trivandrum that can be sampled while in the city is the Chaat. This is a thin puffed pastry that is filled with mashed banana, chutney, yoghurt, plain milk and chicken. The all time favorite of locals and tourists alike is the Pink Namak, which is made from rice and cooked in a tandoori pan. The Pink Namak has a tangy taste and is very nutritious. The vegetarian version of the Pink Namak is made from chick peas and coconut; however, the non-vegetarian version has cream cheese, onion powder and butter.

Most of the Pink Namak and Cheesecake restaurants also serve the much loved batter cakes. These are available in various flavors like mint, chocolate, almond, strawberry and carrot cake. The batter cakes are available all year round, however, the best time to go for batter cake is just before dessert time. These delicious and mouthwatering treats are topped with fresh fruits and some sugar or honey.

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