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Celtic Sea Salt Vs Himalayan Pink Salt – How They Compare

The battle between Celtic Sea Salt is Himalayan Pink Salt has been raging for years. While Celtic Sea Salt is the only commercial grade, the Himalayan Salt is processing using its stone method, not its separate thermal process. This could be why many health-conscious folks prefer the Himalayan Pink Salt.

Before I dive into the merits of each, Id like to explain how and why they compare. To start with, Celtic Sea Salt is fine for baking goods; Himalayan Pink Salt is fine for seafood and other special ingredients. These are all normal commercial uses of sea salt.

As an introduction to the difference between the two, take a look at the grading of the two salts. They both come from the same region of the world, but not the same type of salt. The difference is in the technique that is used to develop them.

In most instances, the ordinary sea salt comes from a body of saltwater. These are called salt ponds or salt deposits. They are simply placed into a large clay container where the small grains are crushed down and well filtered to remove any impurities.

Thats all there is to the sea salt. It is one of the cheapest salts you can find in the market. However, many people dont like the taste of it as much as they like the other more expensive salts. They are used for recipes that include special ingredients that will benefit from the extra taste.

In some of the more popular Indian cuisine, many dishes use these sea salts. The Himalayan Salt tends to stick to your teeth better than the ordinary sea salt, though they both have their place in healthy cooking. Many people are confused about which is better.

The Celtic Sea Salt is more commonly found in the home kitchen. They are used for an assortment of reasons. It is commonly used for recipes that include many different ingredients.

One of these is making salads. They can also be sprinkled on desserts like cookies or cakes. They are also used to balance flavors of many other foods.

When it comes to texture, Celtic Sea Salt is tougher than Himalayan Pink Salt. This makes the food they are grated together more refined, so you need to use less. Himalayan Pink Salt is finer and often contains small grains. In addition, they have a less refined taste.

This means that they tend to work more quickly in commercial scale salt production. The best products in the world will not get to be commercial grade without the help of the chemical process that makes the Himalayan Pink Salt.

You can use them both in place of the regular salt or even better, combine them together to create an alternative salt. When you make your own, you can try out several variations and taste them before making a decision. Youll be glad you did.

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