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People live with a number of disease, and perhaps type II diabetes is the most common. It takes a lot of effort to control the level of glucose in the blood, so that a diabetic patient maintains good immunity to live a comfortable life. The exercise needs diabetic supplies as an integral part of life. However, the diabetic tests strips can be very costly, and there are scores of people who cannot live with diabetes comfortably because they cannot afford these strips.  Did you know you can get cash for diabetic test strips?
Various organizations offer to help these people but the assistance has never been sufficient. You can as well participate in this project of helping other patients by selling them diabetic test strips which are unopened and unexpired instead of tossing them into the bin.
Why people have extra diabetic supplies
A number of diabetic patients purchase extra supplies to cater for emergency but with time they realize that the boxes are becoming more than they need. Similarly, one may reduce the frequency of testing but with a regular flow of the supplies, they begin to accumulate. In other instances, people change from one brand of diabetic strips to another, and the older boxes begin to pile up without use. If you were living with a patient who was using the strips but has since moved to a medical care centre, the extra supplies will probably be left with you.
Is it legal to sell test strips?
As long as you are a legal owner of diabetic test strips, you are allowed to sell them. These are supplies which are sometimes bought without a doctor’s prescription, meaning there is no crime in selling them. However, people will only fail to purchase diabetic test strips which have expired,or those that have been offered through Medicare services. As such, ensure that you sell test strips which are in good condition.
Where to sell your diabetic test strips
There are several dealers who sell diabetic test strips and even though they are in the market to make money, at least the strips reach the final consumer at a relatively affordable price. This can be a good market for your unused supplies. The dealers will often buy even brands that you have no prospect of selling. They are not always driven by money but rather some of them may be diabetic patients, or they have relatives who are diabetic. They will buy these strips from you and donate them in a charitable manner if at all they cannot sell them. They are moved to touch the life of a patient who cannot afford new diabetic supplies.
Similarly, you can identify a group of patients and sell diabetic test strips to them at an affordable price if you have a constant stock. Establishing a good relationship with either of the two groups will give you an opportunity to earn some extra income by helping a person elsewhere to live a fulfilling life.
In general, selling test strips to diabetic people is not an act of taking advantage of them but rather a humane move towards creating a diabetes- free environment.

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